At the College of Charleston, our Division of Information Technology (IT) is your go-to team for all things tech. From computer support to equipping new buildings, we’ve got you covered. Our mission revolves around our strategic principles – personalization, automation, integration and reporting (P.A.I.R.) – which lead to better experiences and improved processes. Over the past 12 months (July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023), we’ve been busy making these things happen.

Personalization/User Experience – Design Thinking

We have made several significant improvements to enhance personalization and user experience at our institution. Upgrading to Self-Service Banner 9 has ensured efficient navigation and utilization of academic resources for students, faculty and staff. With enhanced security and accessibility, users can now navigate the system with confidence, knowing that their academic information is well protected.

Additionally, our “Meet Your Counselor” feature on the admissions website fosters a positive experience for prospective students, providing personalized guidance during the admissions process. By streamlining the communication process between prospective students and counselors, the feature not only improves user experience, but also increases the likelihood of successful enrollment, ultimately benefiting both the students and the institution.

We have also prioritized campus network reliability, leading to a seamless wireless experience for students, faculty and staff. Finally, the Room Scheduling Replacement project streamlines event management, offering a user-friendly interface for reserving campus spaces. These initiatives collectively reflect our commitment to optimizing user experiences and support across all aspects of our institution.

Upcoming Projects to Enhance Personalization and the User Experience
  • Campus Calendars: An online platform that allows users to filter events based on their interests, ensuring that no important campus event is missed
  • Campus Map: A user-friendly and accessible campus map to help everyone navigate our campus with ease


To ensure that our students are properly immunized, CofC places a hold on all new student accounts until their immunization record has been verified. In the past, Student Health Services staff had to verify these immunizations and then manually remove the hold on a per-student basis. The newly automated process involves using an extract from Medicat of Compliant and Verified students to automatically remove the holds from the students, thus saving Student Health Services approximately two hours a day, every day throughout the admissions period.

Upcoming Projects to Improve Automation
  • Ellucian Workflow: A cloud-based solution that automates tasks and empowers us to define and execute business rules more efficiently
  • Print Management: A new print management system to enhance printing services and ensure cost-effective and sustainable practices


IT has made significant strides in improving integration and enhancing the overall user experience. One of the key accomplishments was the successful implementation of the MyPortal project, which replaced the previous MyCharleston portal with an intuitive web portal powered by CampusM. This new portal grants easy access to academic systems and course materials for students, faculty and staff, streamlining their interactions with the institution and contributing to a more seamless user experience. We continue to monitor and make improvements based on MyPortal feedback.

Additionally, the OAKS platform has seen notable improvements through various integrations facilitated by the OAKS administrator and the Teaching and Learning Technologies team. These integrations include Cougar Complete, a course material model that reduces costs for students while ensuring timely access to all required materials directly within OAKS. Furthermore, the integration of Perusall, an online social annotation platform, has increased student engagement, collaboration and community within courses. Lastly, the incorporation of Vista Higher Learning materials has provided students in French, Italian and Spanish courses with access to course materials specifically tailored to their needs. These integrations collectively enhance the learning experience for both students and faculty, fostering a more connected and efficient educational environment.

Upcoming Projects to Increase Integration
  • Ellucian Elevate: an easy-to-use and effective class-registration software designed for continuing education and workforce development programs


The most notable improvement to reporting and outcomes is the implementation of Student Success Insights. The Student Success Insights tool was successfully implemented to identify and support at-risk students effectively. This tool enables faculty and staff to engage with students who require assistance and coordinate support to ensure their academic success. By establishing personalized engagement and a coordinated effort, this initiative promotes student success throughout the institution.

The project to upgrade to Banner 9 gave the campus the opportunity to “clean up” its data. This has improved all of our data reporting, making it more accurate and reliable.

Upcoming Projects to Streamline Reporting
  • Ellucian Insights and Argos: Products to streamline our reporting process and generate more accurate and reliable reports. These initiatives reflect our dedication to fostering a dynamic and user-centric environment at the College.

To learn more about IT’s accomplishments over the last year, as well as its plans for the upcoming academic year, check out the 2022-23 Information Technology Annual Report.