Clyde the Chatbot coming soon

Communicating with students is a top priority for the College of Charleston. Using text messaging powered by artificial intelligence, the College is launching Clyde the Chatbot, which will provide students with 24-hour access to resources.

“Clyde the Chatbot is a key collaboration between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs to ensure coordinated holistic support for our students,” says Christopher Korey, associate provost for student success. “Clyde will answer student questions and point them to resources 24/7 so that we can expand our assistance into the days and times when students are most active, but College offices may not be open. The chatbot will also regularly reach out to students during the semester to check on how they are doing. This will help our student success offices more effectively provide support at an earlier point in the semester.”

In partnership with the education technology company EdSights, Clyde serves as a resource for questions and connects students to support services focused on four key areas:

  • Academics
  • Financial Matters
  • Campus Engagement
  • Mental and Physical Health

Clyde will send its first message to students on August 29, 2023. Students who opt to receive the messages will get texts from Clyde every 7–10 days.

For more information about Clyde the chatbot, email