Name: Sterling Savage

Hometown: Camden, South Carolina

Education/Background: Undergraduate Degree: Early Childhood Education (CofC Class of 2012); Master’s Degree: Educational Leadership and Administration (Western Governors University – Tentative Graduation date: 5/24)

Job title: Director of the Call Me MISTER cohort at the College (CofC MISTERs)

How long have you worked at the College? Six months

What are your job responsibilities? I oversee the operations and strategic planning for the Call Me MISTER Program at the College of Charleston. In addition to this, I plan emerging initiatives that focus on producing properly developed, qualified and diverse teacher candidates to serve in underrepresented schools in the state.

What do you like most about your job? What I enjoy the most about my job is having the opportunity to pour into these young men and mentor them about life outside of just the classroom. I would say the personal development that I plan, and they participate in, is the “secret sauce” that really takes them to the next level. When I speak about the MISTERs’ development, I’m referencing their development not only as a student and educator, but as a Black man. My goal is to instill the lessons I’ve learned in my life in them during college, while still allowing them the free will/choice to determine their own future.

What question do you get asked most in your job and what’s your typical answer? The question I get asked the most is, “What is Call Me MISTER?” Then they ask about when it started and general program information. I’m actually surprised at how many people don’t know about the program or what it is truly about.

What’s your favorite location on campus and why? My office and the Multicultural Center. My office because it truly expresses who I am with the artwork and literature that I have decorated it with. And the Multicultural Center because it is a safe space for not only me, but students of color.

What are your hobbies? My hobbies are playing golf, reading and listening to motivational podcasts.

What personal and/or professional accomplishment are you most proud of? Personal: I am most proud of getting engaged to my fiancé recently and us purchasing our first home last November. I am most proud of these two things because they will help me achieve my goals of creating generational wealth for my future children and family.

Professional: I am most proud of starting an advisory group with two of my friends in which we advise families of color on the importance of life insurance, real estate and putting things into a trust to build generational wealth.

Name a creative work (book, movie, performance, etc.) you enjoyed recently and why? I would say being able to view Hamilton when it came to Charleston was one of the most impactful and creative performances to me.

What was your favorite TV show growing up? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gargoyles

What’s next on your bucket list? To visit Paris and Africa

What is something your campus colleagues would be surprised to know about you? I actually am an alum of the College and was in the first Call Me MISTER cohort here at the College of Charleston, so it’s really full circle for me.

What was your first job? My first job was working as a cashier and sandwich tech at Sub Station 2 in Camden, South Carolina.

What’s your favorite Lowcountry restaurant? Oak Steakhouse

Describe your perfect day: My perfect day is, I get up at 4 a.m., watch an inspirational video to start my day then head to the gym. After getting my gains, a Celsius and a protein bar, I return home to take a shower, where I get all the answers about how to change the world. After that, I would drive to my office for a few meetings, check in on my mentees and then be done with work by 2 for a late lunch with my fiancé.

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