The College of Charleston Class of 2027 is one for the record books! It was a historic year for both applications and enrollments. Here’s a snapshot of what the Division of Enrollment Planning accomplished during the past year and a peek at what to expect in the new recruitment cycle.

After receiving almost 30,000 first-year and transfer applications for this fall semester, the College enrolled more than 2,600 new freshmen and 600 new transfers. This first-year class is the largest in the school’s history. Students from 46 states and from more than 20 different countries enrolled this year. Attendees arrived from 1,200 different high schools and 250 colleges.

The Office of Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs processed more than 33,310 FAFSA forms. The Office of Enrollment Information supported each of the 30,000 applicants during processing and selection with enhanced real-time application analytics dashboards. The College’s Office of Admissions visitor center welcomed more than 30,000 individuals.

Now, the Office of Admissions recruitment team turns its focus to next year’s class, with the goal of having another strong year.

Our admission counselors are hitting the road again, visiting high schools, attending college fairs and meeting prospective students and their families. Faculty and staff may check their travels – from South Carolina to Switzerland – on the Travel Lookup site.

At the same time, our on-campus recruitment continues, with daily tours, information sessions and three Charleston Visit Days taking place this fall: Sept. 29, Oct. 9 and Oct. 28. Over 10,000 visitors are expected to travel through the visitor center this fall. In addition, M.O.V.E. (Multicultural Overnight Visit Experience) will take place on Oct. 6–7 and Nov. 3–4, 2023.

Faculty and staff play a huge part in recruitment. Every time a prospective student interacts with a member of the campus community, it leaves an impression. That’s why it’s important for us all to live the College of Charleston brand. The College is a living, breathing thing with its own personality traits that we can showcase when talking to prospective students about the College.

In addition, the College has a Faculty and Staff Referral Program: Employees who know of a prospective student who would be a perfect fit for the College can complete a referral form, and the prospect will receive an application waiver. And you’ll be helping us make the College that much better!