College of Charleston “In The News” is a weekly roundup of news articles featuring College faculty, staff, students or alumni. Recent media coverage of the College includes:

What’s your chronotype? Knowing whether you’re a night owl or an early bird could help you do better on tests and avoid scams

Psychology professor Cindi May writes an article for The Conversation about the human internal clock.

Dave Barry has opinions, really

The Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker writes about an interview she had with Dave Barry at the College of Charleston.

Artists Can Use This Tool to Protect Their Work From A.I. Scraping

Studio arts professor Marian Mazzone talks to Smithsonian Magazine about artificial intelligence in the arts.

Richmond’s Casino Bet 

Economics professor Douglas Walker talks to Style Weekly about taxes and casinos.

College of Charleston Plays Major Role in Literary Festival

Lowcountry Biz looks at the College’s relationship with the Charleston Literary Festival.

Hicks Palmetto Politics: What is Nikki Haley thinking? About winning

Political science professor Jordan Ragusa talks to The Post and Courier about Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign.

SC weather offices using AI to quickly translate forecasts and warnings into Spanish

Spanish professor Joseph Weyers talks to The Post and Courier about using Spanish in emergency weather forecasts.

Voters have many important decisions to make up as Election Day approaches

Political science professor Gibbs Knotts talks to WCIV-TV about voting.

COVID still impacting math test scores more than English in SC. How does that add up?

Teacher education professor Kelley Mayer White talks to The Post and Courier about test scores.

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