What’s the timeline?

  • Phase one of the new charleston.edu website launches Dec. 18, 2023.
  • Phase one includes key pages like admissions, cost & aid and academic programs.
  • Additional pages will be moved to Charleston.edu on a rolling basis as content is built and tested.
  • CofC.edu will remain active until all pages have been moved to the new site.

Why is the website being updated?

  • The last major overhaul of the College’s website was in 2007.
  • The new site prioritizes an intuitive and accessible user experience focused on recruiting students, faculty and staff.
  • Presents the College of Charleston as a leader in higher education with academic excellence and a vibrant campus community.

Who designed the new site?

  • Barkley, a nationally recognized website strategy and design firm specializing in higher education, partnered with the College’s University Marketing team.
  • Barkley’s web designs have helped boost enrollment for over 125 colleges and universities.

Will my email address change?

  • College email addresses will eventually change from name@cofc.edu to name@charleston.edu.
  • The current cofc.edu email addresses will remain the default until all technical issues are addressed.
  • More details on @charleston.edu email addresses will be announced in January 2024.

The College of Charleston is excited to announce the launch of a new website, the first significant update in several years. This initiative aims to provide an intuitive and accessible user experience to showcase the College as a leading institution of higher education, renowned for its academic excellence, vibrant campus community and unrivaled location. By implementing a new, better organized site structure, the College will engage more prospective students and families as well as recruit faculty and staff from around the world.

Led by renowned design firm Barkley, the project began in 2022 with a comprehensive audit of the current website. The goal was to gain insights into user navigation, information accessibility and content presentation. Barkley’s findings served as the foundation for discussions with key stakeholders, ensuring that priorities and goals aligned with the needs of the College community. First-year students at the College of Charleston were actively involved in testing the website’s navigation map. Their valuable feedback helped shape the final design and functionality of the site. The university marketing team began collaborating with representatives from across campus to seamlessly transition content from the existing cofc.edu domain to the new Charleston.edu domain.

Faculty, staff and students can learn more about the new website on the University Marketing site on the HUB.