With engagement and philanthropy as its guiding star, the Division of Institutional Advancement works closely with alumni, parents, students, friends and campus partners to enhance the College’s academic, athletic and campus life. The advancement team looks forward to increasing its financial sustainability trajectory and accelerating future success.

“All great organizations focus on culture, and our critical work in developing a culture of both engagement and philanthropy will lead to us welcoming an outpouring of support – giving at all levels – for programs and initiatives across campus,” remarks Daniel H. Frezza, chief advancement officer.

Fueled by three record-breaking fundraising years in a row, with more than $20 million raised each year, the envisioned culture is taking shape, and the team is on its way for yet another record-breaking year.

These accomplishments are thanks to the advancement team, comprised of Advancement Services; Corporate and Foundation Relations; Annual, Major, Principal and Planned Giving; Financial Services; Property Management; the Alumni Association; and the newly formed University Events, Advancement Communications and Donor Relations.

Now, the Institutional Events team rolls under University Events, Advancement Communications and Donor Relations. This move will help elevate the number and level of events hosted by the College and ensure greater collaboration among departments across campus in executing events.

In the past year, advancement continued its history of impacting the lives of our students and supporting the growth and wellbeing of our community – from supporting awards for scholarship and experiential learning to strengthening infrastructure and recognizing faculty.

In 2024, the advancement team will build on the culture of engagement and philanthropy at the College by implementing programs and initiatives to strengthen the College of Charleston experience. This includes the following:

  • Holding the fifth annual CofC Day, spanning the days of March 13 and March 14. Beginning at 4:30 p.m. on the March 13, the 29.5-hour (totalling 1,770 minutes) effort, will create myriad opportunities for all members of the university community to give back and engage. On CofC Day, in addition to an event in the Cistern Yard, more than 20 regional CofC clubs will host parties from London to Los Angeles for alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, family and friends.
  • Continuing to foster parent giving through the newly minted Parent Leadership Society, which supports events and activities that enhance the college experience for students and families.
  • Raising more funds targeted to the recruitment of renowned faculty, department programs, faculty-led research and more.
  • Increasing the number of scholarships available to students in order to attract and retain students of distinction, including student-athletes.

The advancement team’s efforts are in line with its three foci: engagement, donor participation and fundraising dollars. The team had positive results in fiscal year 2023. Thanks to 9,200+ donors in FY23 and the tens of thousands of donors from years prior – along with smart investments by the College of Charleston Foundation – as of June 30, 2023, the endowment was valued at $130 million and net assets at $173 million.

With a clear direction and a strong team, Institutional Advancement will continue to impact the College’s financial foundation in 2024 and beyond.