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12 03, 2016

Change for the Better

By |2016-03-12T17:09:19-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on Change for the Better

Sustainability can refer to different things in different situations. The College’s Office of Sustainability has taught these two students that sustainability isn’t something one person, one community, one solution can make happen. Rather, it’s something that connects us all. by Britton Holmes ’15 and Kelsey Deporte ’15 My time at the College has been a

12 03, 2016

Bird? Plane? Myth.

By |2017-07-12T15:57:44-04:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on Bird? Plane? Myth.

America is founded on myths. Many of our dreams and legends are the stuff of great ambition, of great hope and of great heroes. However, they don’t always fit the type, and sometimes the American hero is the myth itself. by Elijah Siegler I’m writing this on the day that they released Oscar nominations for

12 03, 2016

The Power of Yes

By |2020-01-16T09:48:23-05:00March 12, 2016|Alumni, College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on The Power of Yes

We’re all faced with things that make us uncomfortable from time to time. This alumna tells us how learning to embrace that discomfort and walk through the open doors in her life has led to one great opportunity after another. by Lizzy Willingham ’14 I’d never flown by myself. The only traveling I’d done was

12 03, 2016

Here to Assist

By |2016-03-12T17:06:39-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on Here to Assist

It all started in a middle school gymnasium in North Carolina. Dressed in knee-high socks, an old T-shirt and baggy basketball shorts, 13-year-old Ally Beckman shuffled onto the makeshift volleyball court with dozens of other eighth-graders getting ready for the first day of practice in the Apex Recreation Department’s volleyball league. She did not want

12 03, 2016

And Counting

By |2016-03-12T17:06:15-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on And Counting

Count from 1 to 300. Go ahead. We’ll wait. You’ll soon realize it’s a bigger number than it sounds: It’s going to take a while. That should give you an appreciation of the 300 victories racked up by Ralph Lundy in his 29 seasons as the head coach of the men’s soccer team. It all

12 03, 2016

Stand-up Guy

By |2016-03-12T17:05:53-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|1 Comment

Most people see the hair first. It’s understandable, given the fact that Joshua Bloodworth ’15 (M.P.A.) sports a three-inch-tall Mohawk. But there’s a lot more to the graduate student than his stiff shock of neatly coiffed hair. As president of the Graduate Student Association (GSA), Bloodworth represents about 800 graduate students at the Graduate School

12 03, 2016

Finding Your Voice

By |2016-03-12T17:05:35-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on Finding Your Voice

What does it mean to find your voice? For some, it calls for joyously living out loud. Others transform their voice into action, making sound to make change. There are also those who buck their comfort zone, amplifying inner worlds to comfort others. However we choose to find our voice, doing so can be frequently

12 03, 2016

Inside the Academic Mind: Hector Qirko

By |2016-03-12T17:04:24-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on Inside the Academic Mind: Hector Qirko

Since 2010, anthropology professor and associate department chair Hector Qirko has been captivating his students on a wide range of topics, from pop culture to social and cultural change. We sat down with Professor Qirko to discuss his interest in better understanding human behavior, his research into suicide terrorism and his passion for music, both

12 03, 2016

Command Performance

By |2016-03-12T17:04:04-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on Command Performance

She has taught and inspired countless students, performed in more than 20 countries, recorded an album inspired by her late father and recently penned a memoir: From Clementi to Carnegie. So many accomplishments might seem overwhelming for most musicians, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the much-lauded violinist and

12 03, 2016

The Craft

By |2020-01-16T09:48:28-05:00March 12, 2016|Alumni, College of Charleston Magazine|1 Comment

There’s nothing like a home–brewed business..In the past decade, three alumni have taken South Carolina’s craft beer scene from dry to hopping, conditioning the state’s taste for the field and crafting their way into the only industry that can take you from IPA to IPO. by Sam Wheeler ’05 photography by Leslie McKellar In less than a decade,