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2103, 2023

CofC Podcast: Fuel for the Future: Tips on Healthy Eating and Solutions to Food Insecurity

By |March 21, 2023|

In honor of National Nutrition Month, which runs through March 31, the latest episode of "Speaking of … College of Charleston" is all about food; how to eat sustainably, reduce food waste and enjoy delicious local fruits and veggies from our campus farmers market.

1502, 2023

CofC Podcast: Dean Kameelah Martin Reflects on Her Spiritual Exploration of the Yoruba Religion

By |February 15, 2023|

On this episode of 'Speaking of ... College of Charleston,' Kameelah Martin, dean of the Graduate School, discusses her personal evolution from researcher and scholar to initiate of the ancient Yoruba religion of West Africa.

1201, 2023

CofC Podcast: Professor Scott Peeples Explores Edgar Allan Poe’s Lowcountry Haunts

By |January 12, 2023|

On this episode of 'Speaking Of … College of Charleston,' Scott Peeples, interim chair of the Department of English and Poe scholar, takes us on a tour of some of the Lowcountry landmarks associated with Edgar Allan Poe.

1312, 2022

CofC Podcast: Geology Professor Talks About His Sea Monster Discovery and Other Paleontological Treasures

By |December 13, 2022|

On this episode of 'Speaking of ... College of Charleston,' Scott Persons, assistant professor of geology and curator of the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History, talks about discovering a previously unknown type of prehistoric marine reptile and his many other expeditions hunting fossils.

1511, 2022

CofC Podcast: Alumna Sheds Light on ‘Storied & Scandalous Charleston’

By |November 15, 2022|

On this episode of 'Speaking of ... College of Charleston,' alumna Leigh Jones Handal '81 talks about the truth behind some of Charleston's most famed and notorious history detailed in her new book 'Storied & Scandalous Charleston, a History of Piracy and Prohibition, Rebellion and Revolution.'

1110, 2022

CofC Podcast: The Frightening History of Witchcraft and Sleep Disorders

By |October 11, 2022|

On this episode of 'Speaking of ... College of Charleston,' history professor Jason Coy and Francesca Gibson, a double-major in history and psychology, explore a time in history when people believed in and feared witchcraft.