21 10, 2013

Freedom Fighter

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by Jason Ryan Photography by Leslie McKellar The United States is home to the world’s largest prison population, but for many Americans, these inmates are out of sight, out of mind. Through her bold and provocative artwork, Jackie Sumell '96 aims to make U.S. prison policies, including the use of long-term solitary confinement, part of

21 10, 2013

Madagascar The Beautiful

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Words and Pictures by Katie Browne '09 The College of Charleston consistently ranks in the top 15 in producing Peace Corps volunteers for medium colleges and universities. And while the sheer number of CofC volunteers produced over the last five years is impressive (155), as you’ll see in this alumna’s photo-essay, it’s the individual experience, repeated

21 10, 2013

The Royal Maroons

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by Mark Berry Photography by Andrew Cebulka; illustrations by John Phillips It was really just by chance that these four old college friends bumped into each other 20 years ago at Charleston’s Hibernian Hall on Meeting Street. Father James Parker, Charles Foster ’50, Robert Chitwood and George Nelson ’51 caught up as if no time

21 10, 2013

The Golden Hour

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by Alicia Lutz '98 Photography by Heather McGrath This is when it matters. This is when it counts. This is when everything else is irrelevant, everything but life and death is just white noise. When Alicia Moreau Shambo ’89 heard the bombs exploding at the Boston Marathon last spring, she didn’t hesitate. If she were

21 10, 2013

What’s Old Is New

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As the oldest institution of higher education in South Carolina and one of a handful of schools established during America’s colonial era, the College knows a little something about history. In fact, the College knows a lot about it. Whether you graduated 50 years ago, 25 years ago or just last May, you couldn’t help but

21 10, 2013

New Charleston

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As president, it’s my job to think decades into the future and to make sure the College is on track to achieve its potential and its envisioned future.Over the past year, I’ve devoted a considerable amount of thought and time to one issue in particular: Charleston’s rapid economic transformation and its implications for the future of the

21 10, 2013

Shared Space

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According to Frank Lloyd Wright, “Space is the breath of art”: The areas around, between and within art can be just as meaningful as the piece itself – and, as Herb Parker and Joseph Burwell ’93 (pictured above) demonstrated in their conjoined exhibits at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art this fall, so can the

21 10, 2013

Already a Legend

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Gertrude Sanford LeGendre lived a life most people can only dream about. She was an international traveler extraordinaire, big game hunter, American spy, plantation owner and friend to the rich and famous. The daughter of New York congressman and industrialist John Sanford, Legendre became a world-class adventurer who made it a habit to see the

21 10, 2013

A Historic Move

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When you’re in the business of collecting, you’re eventually going to run out of room – especially when you’ve been at it as long as the South Carolina Historical Society has. Established in 1855 with the mission of expanding, preserving and making accessible its collection of books, letters, journals, maps, drawings and photographs about South

21 10, 2013

Engineering Change

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Gavin Naylor told his protégé to give up. The biology professor conceded that Chenhong Li’s efforts had been valiant, his methods innovative and his ideas potentially groundbreaking, but, alas, a year of experimentation was not yielding results. “Move on,” he said, “you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.” Fortunately, Li ignored him. “He’s stubborn,” Naylor