21 06, 2013

Classy Contribution

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Johnnie Baxley III ’92 came to the College in part due to the generosity of others. The scholarships he received made his education affordable and enabled him to continue on to law school and begin a successful legal career – in which he helped found his current law firm, which has grown to be one

21 06, 2013

Fully Furnished

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Lining the walls and spread out all over the floor of the slightly rusting, 40-foot-long shipping container are various sizes and shapes of cherry, oak, cedar, poplar and pine. The container is so full of wood, there’s barely enough room to walk inside and look around, almost impossible to take it all in. One thing

21 06, 2013

Sharp Focus

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Emily Roos ’00 has her target in sight. She knows what she’s after. She’s taking aim. All it took was one kung fu class, and her direction was clear. And so she steered straight for Washington, D.C., home to some of the best martial arts training and competing in the nation. “Martial arts provide me

20 06, 2013

Hail to the Chief

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It was supposed to be a quiet day. Like the day before and the day after. Like every day in the small, rural town of Bishopville, S.C. Just five days before, the residents had gathered in a standing room–only ceremony to witness what was a pretty big deal in these parts: Socrates “Sonny” Ledda ’97

20 06, 2013

Herbal Instinct

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She’ll never go hungry. Not so long as she can run wild, at least. On a late-winter romp through the forests of Vashon Island, Wash., Jayne Simmons ’86 is collecting all kinds of woodland specimens for consumption and betterment of health. “Eat a nettle. Try a violet. This is sorrel. It tastes a little sour.”

20 06, 2013

Call of the Wild

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It’s that small moment between dawn and day, dusk and dark. It’s the mosquitoes swarming, the heron hunting, the frogs chirping. It’s the subtle rustle picking up in the trees’ leaves. The precise cast in that secluded spot. The slightest flick of the wrist, the faintest flutter of the fly. Every fisherman knows it’s the

20 06, 2013

Mightier Than the Sword

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Watch out, she’ll go medieval on you. And that’s a good thing. English professor Myra Seaman is co-editor of postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies, a quarterly publication of scholarship that applies contemporary methodologies, such as eco-criticism, scientific approaches and disability studies, to produce new understandings of the Middle Ages. “In our journal, we

20 06, 2013

Appreciating Investment

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The students in the Bonner Leader Program needed to send a thank you, and a plain old note just wouldn’t do. Putting their heads together, they decided to show their gratitude by doing what came naturally: volunteering. For one Saturday in March, 20 students donated their time to the Charleston Animal Society in honor of

19 06, 2013

Shattered Worlds

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  This is the new world. The world where the people have the power. This is the world that – along with million-dollar-deals, Ridley Scott–optioned movie rights and a dedicated cult following – brought about a whole new vision for the publishing industry. This is the world that Hugh Howey built. by Alicia Lutz ’98 Photography by

19 06, 2013


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There is something magical about water. Whether ocean, river or lake, water speaks to us, calls to us. We flock to its shores for vacation. We use it as the backdrop of some of our most cherished personal moments: engagements, weddings, family gatherings. We even choose it as screen savers – a colorful escape from