The Cougars squash team has come a long way since Torey Broderson ’13 first scrounged together the club team in 2010. To recruit players, the anthropology major had scoured the residence halls, pleaded with his friends and classmates and, in a coup, persuaded a tennis player to join. At the end of the inaugural season, Broderson begged his team’s way into a tournament, where they were then slaughtered.

A moral victory, however, could be claimed: The College’s squash team had been born.

Three years later, things are different. In this year’s end-of-season play, the Cougars came out on top, capturing the Hawthorn Cup at the Men’s College Squash Association National Team Championships in New Haven, Conn.

Nowadays, not just anyone can make the team’s tournament roster. Competition is fierce among the team – translating into a bright future for the Cougars squash team as its founder graduates.

The Cougars’ title-winning team members (pictured here) are, from left to right, (front row) Broderson and Evan Casciato; (back row) Byron Vereshagin, Chris Calligan, Reymar Delos Santos, Jeff Heath, Ginger Bauer and Luke Schweitzer