7 Tips to Help You Own the Cooper River Bridge Run

7 Tips to Help You Own the Cooper River Bridge Run


Racers at the ever-popular Cooper River Bridge Run

The Cooper River Bridge Run (March 28, 2015) is one of the largest outdoor events in South Carolina, drawing almost 40,000 participants each spring. From elite competitors to costumed participants, the entries in this 5 and 10K competition run the full gamut. And no matter how intense or relaxed your approach, it can be important to know a few good training tips. That’s why its a good thing that faculty members in the College’s Department of Health and Human Performance are experts in the areas of exercise science, athletic training and sports physiology.

Here are four important tips our faculty members offer for runners to have the best possible experience at the Cooper River Bridge Run:

General training tips:

1. Under-train rather than over-train.

A rest day is as important as any training day. So, make rest and cross-training a part of your routine, and your performance will show it!

2. Be flexible.

Different types of stretching and when you stretch can impact the effectiveness of this exercise.

3. Don’t change your stride length dramatically.

Dramatically changing your running/walking form can alter your performance efficiency and increase joint loading.

4. Use a foam roller after working out.

It can help with recovery.

Click here to get a better grasp on the research behind the general training tips.

And here are three important day-of-the-race tips:

5. Lose the ear buds.

Remember, with so many runners/walkers in such a small space (nearly 40,000 compete), it can be dangerous if you’re not aware of your surroundings.

6. New shoes? New shorts? Not on race day.

Veteran Cooper River Bridge runners say stick with the gear that you trained in because breaking    in new stuff on race day will definitely distract you and may slow you down. And, you’re more likely to get blisters and chafe with new clothing/shoes.

7. Bring water to the starting line.

The Cooper River Bridge Run can have long waiting times between getting in line and the actual
start of the race. Having a reusable bottle of water on hand can help you stay hydrated at this critical
juncture before the race.