10 Student Clubs You Should Check Out

10 Student Clubs You Should Check Out

The average college student spends just over 30 hours a week in class or preparing for class. That means there’s plenty of time for students to participate in student clubs and organizations. The College of Charleston has more than 220 organized student groups, devoted to everything from anime and water sports to ice hockey and culinary. And the list is growing all the time.

Take a look at these student club members who were recently photographed by College of Charleston Magazine.


The Outdoors Club rockin’ the North Carolina mountain scene.

According to Student Government Association Secretary Emily Torchiana, students at the College form new clubs and groups all the time. This year alone there have been applications for 30 new clubs and organizations. And if a student can’t find a club they want to join, they can always start their own…and they often do, says Torchiana.

“Some weeks we get five applications, and some weeks we don’t get any, but this has been a pretty active year so far, and it’s amazing to see the wide spread of interests. They range from sports clubs to intellectual pursuits, honor societies, service organizations, faith-based groups and specialty interests such as our Culinary Club,” she says.

According to Torchiana, among the newest groups on campus are the Cougar Skydiving Club, the CyberSecurity Club, the Paintball Club, the Film Makers Club, and even a Cheese Club. Here, then, are ten student clubs at the College to check out:

  1. Outdoors Club
  2. Watersports Club
  3. Best Buddies
  4. Culinary Club
  5. Dance Marathon
  6. Cougar Ice Hockey
  7. CofC Quidditch
  8. Center Stage
  9. Gay Straight Alliance 
  10. Anime Association

Learn more about student clubs and organizations at the College.