New Faculty Bring Range of Expertise

New Faculty Bring Range of Expertise

What do a specialist in spatial epidemiology, someone who studies Iranian and Middle Eastern communities in North America and an expert in arts entrepreneurship have in common? Good question. Each of these individuals is now a faculty member at the College of Charleston.

Ayman Hajja

Ayman Hajja has joined the Department of Computer Science.

Each year, the College brings new faculty members on board to ensure that its students are taught and mentored by the best teacher-scholars in the business.

Xenia Mountrouidou

Xenia Mountrouidou, a cyber security specialist, will teach computer science.

“At the College,” explains Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Brian McGee, “we have brought together a truly superb faculty. These new colleagues now are part of a College of Charleston faculty that for generations has inspired and challenged our students to excel. We are proud they have joined us and have become part of the story of this great institution.”

At a recent reception for these new professors hosted by the Addlestone Libarary, McGee welcomed 22 new faculty who come to the College from as far as Los Angeles, Ohio and Indiana. He congratulated them all and told them that they now reside in a special place. McGee invited each of them to enjoy not only the College and their new colleagues, but the City of Charleston as well.

Kate Keeney

Kate Keeney specializes in arts funding and will teach arts management.

Included in this new cadre of scholars is a broad array of research and teaching specialties that range from the Italian Renaissance, to keyboard studies, accounting, cybersecurity, analytical chemistry, ancient philosophy and media rituals.

Jason White

Jason White specializes in arts entrepreurship and will teach arts management.

Among the new professors are two who have joined the Department of Computer Science: Professor Aman Hajja focuses his research on data mining and health informatics. And Professor Xenia Mountrouidou (she goes by Dr. X) is a cybersecurity specialist who studies software-defined networks and intrusion-detection systems.

The Arts Management Program also welcomed two new faculty: Professor Kate Keeney, who specializes in cultural policy and public funding for the arts, and Professor Jason White, whose specialties include arts entrepreneurship and arts entrepreneurship education.

For a brief bio on each of the College’s new faculty members, follow this link.