He’s played a media heir. He’s played an ambitious lawyer, too. But now, Matt Czuchry ’99 is playing a doctor for the first time in his nearly 20-year acting career.

Czuchry stars in the new Fox medical drama The Resident, which premieres at 10 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018. In his latest role, Czuchry plays Dr. Conrad Hawkins, an idealistic young doctor facing the tough realities of a career in medicine.

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Czuchry, who earned dual degrees in political science and history from the College, has made a name for himself in Hollywood staring in television shows such as Gilmore Girls and The Good Wife. 

The actor gave a nod to his alma mater during an appearance this week on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (see video below), who is himself a Charleston native. Recounting his big win as “Mr. College of Charleston,” during his years at CofC, Czuchry credited the competition, which he laughingly referred to as a “beauty pageant,” with giving him his start in acting.

“Actually, how I’m here today is ‘Mr. College of Charleston,'” Czuchry told Colbert. “I saw on there [the event flier] that you could win acting classes and it was this light-bulb moment for me that this is how I’m going to get into acting. And it really was the moment where I felt like oh my god I’ve got to win this thing.”

With a little charm and a lot of guts, Czuchry took to the stage determined to take the title. “So I went out and danced in my underwear and said Boogie Nights was my favorite movie, and won the beauty pageant.”