Bonnie Devet writing lab director

Bonnie Devet, director of the College of Charleston’s Writing Lab

Bonnie Devet, English professor and director of the College of Charleston’s Writing Lab, is the co-editor of a newly released collection, Transfer of Learning in the Writing Center. The collection is an open-access, digital publication produced by the WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship. It was co-edited by Dana Lynn Driscoll, director of the Writing Center at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), with the IUP’s Jialei Jiang as the digital editor.

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Writing transfer refers to the ability of students to use, adapt and engage with prior writing knowledge in new settings. The collection is the WLN’s second digital edited collection and focuses on transfer of learning in the writing center, presenting seven chapters from writing center scholars. The scholars analyze the state of transfer scholarship for writing center practitioners and describe both the theory and training necessary to support transfer in the center.

The CofC Writing Lab works to support students with their writing ability across courses and disciplinary contexts. Thus, the material in this edited collection will help the Writing Lab (part of the Center for Student Learning) assist writers in adapting their writing knowledge to new contexts and in developing as writers in the long term. This digital anthology – which includes videos, graphics, teaching materials and research data – is accessible to writing center colleagues around the world.

The collection can be viewed here: