College of Charleston President Andrew T. Hsu shared the following message with the campus community on May 27, 2020: 

Dear Campus Community,

As you know, we initiated Phase One of our on-campus Return to Work Plan yesterday (May 26, 2020).

For those employees who have been working on the physical campus these past several weeks, in order to continue our social distancing practices, you may come to the Stern Student Center today (until 5:00 p.m., May 27, 2020) or send a representative from your office, who can pick up supplies for several team members:

  • Washable cloth face covering (limit of one per employee)
  • Washable cloth face covering with 250th logo (limit of one per employee)
  • 8-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer (limit of one per employee)
  • Disinfectant wipes (these are available for departments to pick up – limit one per department/office)
  • Gloves (latex free)

Remember, only those employees specifically identified by their supervisors and division heads should be on campus for Phase One. The vast majority of our campus will still work remotely during Phase One.

If you are on campus for Phase One and cannot get to the Stern Student Center today, please contact your division head, and there will be further communication about where items can be picked up later in the week. 

I ask that everyone read and follow the guidelines outlined in our Return to Work Plan, such as wearing a face covering in public spaces, maintaining social distancing and continuing to conduct meetings virtually. It is only through your cooperation and our collective effort that we will be able to reopen campus in this phased approach and to eventually reopen campus to our students.

Please note: if you are not already working on campus now or are not part of the on-campus team for Phase One, you should not come to campus today to pick up these supplies. For those employees returning to campus in Phases Two and Three, the College will have sufficient supplies for all employees when they come back to campus (with those details of pick-up time/place to be shared at a later date).

A staff member will be present at the Stern Student Center today to advise about which items can be picked up for your area. If you already have a face covering or mask, please wear it before entering the building. Disposable face coverings will be available outside the building for those who do not have one.

This is an incredible group effort, and I want to thank everyone for all of their continued hard work – conducted both on campus and remotely.




Andrew T. Hsu, Ph.D.
College of Charleston