The College of Charleston’s annual back-to-school celebration for faculty and staff looked a little different this year, but the spirit of gratitude and festivity remained strong. This year, employees looked back at the past academic year, celebrated the one ahead and recognized the 2021 State Service Award recipients at an ice cream social in the Cistern Yard.

back-to-school ice cream social

The College of Charleston celebrated its 2021 State Service Award recipients at a back-to-school ice cream social on Aug. 17, 2021.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to keep this university open and continued to educate our students in a difficult situation, and I thank you for making that a huge success – and thank you for what you’re about to do this coming year,” President Andrew T. Hsu said at the ceremony on Aug. 17, 2021. “I have no doubt that we can – and we will – make this next academic year a resounding success.”

Before announcing the names of nearly 100 employees who have served the state of South Carolina for 10, 20, 30 and 40 years, Vice President of Human Resources Ed Pope asked the audience to recognize themselves, too: “I’d like to ask you to give yourself a hand for a minute,” he said. “You deserve to give yourself – and each other – some recognition for your resilience and hard work.”

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A huge thank you and congratulations goes out to all of the following faculty and staff members who celebrated big anniversaries this year:

40 Years of Service

Phillip Dustan, Biology
Patricia Goff, School of Business
Robert Mignone, Mathematics

30 Years of Service

Angelo Anastopoulo, Athletics
Eunice Bakanic, Sociology and Anthropology
Antonette Boswell, Controller
Deanna Caveny, Provost
Lynn Cherry, Communication
Lynne Ford, Academic Experience
Genevieve Hay, Teacher Education
Karen Jones, Alumni Relations
Edward  Jordan, Budgeting and Payroll Services
Thomas Kunkle, Mathematics
Tony Lessington, Enrollment Information
Melinda Miley, New Student Programs
Herbert Parker, Studio Art
Leslie Sautter, Geology
Paul Young, Mathematics

20 Years of Service

Michael Acree, Enterprise Systems
Remus Aiken, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Deborah Auriffeille, Sociology and Anthropology
James Bennett, Networking and Engineering
Calvin Blackwell, Economics
Christophe Boucher, History
Robert Brightman, Custodial Services
Cherise Browder, Development
Eric Brown, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Timothy Callahan, Geology
Gil Cereno, Enterprise Systems
Barbara Chavis, Custodial Services
Isaure de Buron, Biology
Jocelyn Evans, Finance
Hollis France, Political Science
Bethany Goodier, Communication
Melissa Hughes, Biology
Steven Jaumé, Geology
Stephen Litvin, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Deborah Mihal, Disability Services
Moore Quinn, Sociology and Anthropology
Jamie Rudisell, Security
Sherri  Shannon, Human Resources
Deborah Shumate, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Lee-Chin Siow, Music
Jerome Smalls, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Richard Southgate, Biology
RoxAnn Stalvey, Computer Science
JoAnn Throckmorton, President’s Office
John White, Library

10 Years of Service

Khalid Ali, Geology
Jesse Andrews, IT Support Services
Dawn Bare, Transfer Center Student Services
Kelvin Bonnette, Financial Assistance and Veteran Affairs
Walter Brown, Grounds Maintenance
Jillian Clayton, School of Languages, Culture, and World Affairs
Daniel Delgado Diaz, Hispanic Studies
Patrick Fillippa, Controller
Piotr Gibas, Asian Studies
Heather Gilbert, Library
Edward Goss, Athletics
Carmen Grace, Hispanic Studies
Navid Hashemi, Computer Science
Stacey Hassard, School of Business
Charles Hoey, Procurement
Courtney Howard, Center for Partnership to Improve Education
Timothy Johnson, School of Languages, Culture, and World Affairs
Rochelle Johnson, Multicultural Student Center
Carin Jorgensen, Institutional Advancement
Stephanie Laffey, IT Administration
Tony Matthews, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Malinda McCollum, English
Clifford McCoy, Networking and Engineering
Rachael McNamara, Counseling
Andrei Mihailovic, Library
Amanda Moses, IT Support Services
Jonathan Neufeld, Philosophy
Kathryn Owens, Mathematics
Christa Poparad, Library
Ronald Pringle, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Jordan Ragusa, Political Science
Julie Renkas, Research and Grants Administration
Victor Swindell, Enterprise Systems
Devan Thompson, Admissions
Olivia Thompson, Health and Human Performance
Sean Van Hannegeyn, Procurement
Weishen Wang, Finance
Lamar Williams, Public Safety
Cheryl Wingert, Career Center
Carl Wise, Hispanic Studies