Magna Monday Morning Mentor Series Free to CofC Faculty

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Every Monday this semester, College of Charleston faculty will receive an email with access to the Monday Morning Mentor workshop series, delivering dynamic professional development programming and quality answers to common teaching and administrative questions through 20-minute videos.

Between Monday, Jan. 17, and Monday, May 2, 2022, this semester’s 16-week Monday Morning Mentor Series covers critical topics affecting the higher education landscape: everything from building an antiracist syllabus to managing online-teaching workloads, from using culturally responsive teaching techniques to opening opportunities for disruptive innovation. A complete spring 2022 topic schedule is available on the Magna Monday Morning Mentor series website.

Presented by respected academic peers, each video packs an impressive amount of practical information into a fast, focused format that is brief enough to fit busy schedules but long enough to deliver valuable, actionable insight.

Every Monday, faculty will receive an email from Lynne Ford, associate vice president for the academic experience and the College’s administrator for the Magna Mentor Commons, detailing the week’s program and instructions for accessing it. Programs are available for on-demand viewing for a full week. Transcripts and supplemental materials are also provided.

For more information about the Monday Morning Mentor series at the College of Charleston, email Lynne Ford.