The College of Charleston’s annual Staff Celebration Lunch and Staff Awards Presentation is scheduled for 12 p.m. on June 6, 2022, in the TD Arena McAlister Hospitality Suite. There will also be a virtual option for those who cannot attend in person.

Organized by the Staff Advisory Committee to the President (SAC), this annual event brings staff together for food, fellowship and festivities while also recognizing the hard work and dedication of the employees nominated by their colleagues for the annual Staff Awards.

The nominees for the 2022 Staff Awards are listed below under their respective award category.

Permanent Staff Employee of the Year ($1,500 prize for the primary recipient and $500 prize to four additional recipients):

  • Rudy Alisauskasstaff awards 2022
  • Alicia H. Awdeh
  • Mendi Begnini
  • Andrew Bettis
  • Ayanna Brown
  • Joh-nette Brown
  • Alison Bruce
  • Daron Lee Calhoun II
  • Lisa Christian
  • Gil M. Cereno
  • Latisha Collins
  • Laverne Green Cordes
  • Franklin Czwazka
  • Lucy Davis
  • Mouna DiBenedetto
  • Catherine Dockery
  • Shanon Dooley
  • Kevin Eakes
  • Lakeshia Halls
  • Camille Hamrick
  • Karen Hauschild
  • Joy Heinzman
  • Johnathon Troy Johnson
  • Cody Keats
  • Lynda Keller
  • Jesse Kunze
  • Everett McInnis
  • Becky McManus
  • Alfair Meredith
  • Diane Miller
  • Lee Penny
  • Christine Rodgers
  • Ashley Shaver
  • Laurie Soenen
  • Teli Sparks
  • Sara Stevenson
  • Catherine Stiers
  • Ellen Swick
  • Stephanie Visser
  • Jennifer Wells
  • Cory Werkheiser
  • Earline White
  • Kristen L. White
  • Marcie Wiseman
  • Sarah Wuigk

Temporary Staff Employee of the Year ($1,500 prize for the primary recipient and $500 prize to two additional recipients):

  • Ghadir Abuein
  • Kim Browdy
  • Samantha Gjormand
  • Nora Krasowski
  • Morgan Mann
  • Jaxon Peebles
  • Andrea Tsurutis
  • Regan Wacker

The Outstanding Staff Member Presidential Service Award will be presented to the top overall scorer from all nominees – temporary and permanent.

All awardees are selected by the president with input from SAC members and the relevant executive/senior vice president.

The Zoom link for the virtual luncheon is available here: