The College of Charleston will host the 14th International Conference on Military Geosciences on campus June 20-24, 2022.

This week-long gathering, which is being orchestrated by the College’s Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences and the Desert Research Institute (DRI), will feature geologists and researchers from around the world and focus on a number of military-driven geoscience applications. Those include battlefield archaeology, geography, and reconstruction; vehicle/aircraft mobility in austere terrain settings; and resource characterization/acquisition (i.e., well-drilling, road/runway building, etc.), among others.

Brad Sion ’12, an assistant research professor at the DRI and one of the key organizers of the conference, explains that there are a lot of practical applications for the information that will be shared at the events.

“This conference is run by the International Association for Military Geosciences,” he says. “In addition to bringing together researchers from locations around the globe, the proceedings highlight the cutting-edge work that is used by scholars and practitioners of military geology, geography and their associated fields. Charleston is a wonderful venue for this conference given its rich history and important coastal setting.”

For additional details about the conference, visit the conference website.