On July 27, 2022, Ashleigh Parr, interim director of Campus Services at the College of Charleston, shared the following message with faculty and staff about employee parking assignments for the 2022–23 academic year:

Attention faculty and staff:

Parking assignments are ready for the upcoming academic year. We’re writing with details on how to secure your permit based on your permit type, as well as important updates regarding Wentworth Garage (WG). Please also note the reminder about our new renewable permits.

Wentworth Garage

  • Wentworth Garage remains closed to all vehicles and is not being assigned for the fall semester. We have identified structural concerns that must be addressed before the garage can reopen. Please expect updates on WG’s status before the end of the fall semester.
  • Employees who moved from Wentworth into George Garage will remain in George Garage at the start of the academic year. We were able to move some additional displaced WG permit holders into GG based on their wish-list requests. If you are one of those employees, you will have an assignment for GG in your parking account. The remaining employees who were previously assigned to WG have been assigned to PG Garage.

Permanent Hangtags

  • The new permit hangtags will not have an expiration date. We are transitioning to a permanent hangtag that you will renew (and reuse) annually instead of getting a new hangtag every year. Please do not discard your hangtag after you receive it!
  • In order to support these permanent hangtags, we will not be reassigning employees every year. You will remain in your current assigned lot or garage, and all reassignments will be managed through the wish-list process. As always, the wish list will be based strictly upon seniority, or years of state service.


If you currently have a permit (excluding part-time permits):
You have been reassigned to your current location. The assignment is available now in your parking account in MyPortal.

To purchase your assigned permit:

  1. Log into MyPortal (myportal.cofc.edu) using your standard login.
  2. On the main menu page, click on the box called “Parking” (look for a large P within a square).
  3. A new window will open to a screen titled “Customer Authentication.” Here you will reenter your MyPortal login and password.
  4. Once you have accessed your parking account, you will see the heading “Parking Portal.” Click on the gray box on the right-hand side called “Get Permits.”
  5. Follow the prompts for selecting your vehicle(s), mailing address, email address, form of payment (including payroll deduction), etc. NOTE: Permits purchased online before midnight on August 1 will be mailed to the permit holder’s home address. Permits purchased after noon on August 2 should be picked up at Campus Services HQ. If you purchase your permit on or after August 2, we will send you an email when your permit is ready for pickup in our office.

NOTE TO EMPLOYEES ASSIGNED TO GG: We had to order the GG permits from a different vendor, and they are still in production. You WILL be able to purchase your permit online, but you will not have the option to get your permit in the mail. All GG permit holders will be notified when their permit is available for pickup at Campus Services HQ. If you are assigned to GG but have not been parking there this summer, you will also need to purchase a GG gate card at Campus Services HQ. Gate cards are sold for a $20 deposit fee, which is refundable upon the return of the gate card.

If you do not currently have a permit but applied for one for the upcoming academic year (excluding part-time permits):
Your assignment can be found in your parking account in MyPortal. Follow the instructions listed above to view your assignment and purchase your permit.

If you currently have a part-time permit for PG and wish to continue parking on a part-time basis OR if you do not currently have a permit and applied for a part-time PG permit:
You will get an email when the part-time permits are available for purchase, which should be the week of August 15. Current part-time permits do not expire until August 22 and the new permits will be valid beginning August 23.

If you have any questions, please contact Campus Services HQ at 843.953.1100 or campusservices@cofc.edu.

Ashleigh F. Parr
Interim Director
Campus Services
College of Charleston