The open enrollment period for PEBA insurance benefits is Oct. 1–31, 2022. During open enrollment, permanent full-time employees who are currently eligible for insurance benefits may change their coverage for the following year.

Employees are encouraged to review their current coverage, the 2023 insurance summary and their open enrollment options on the PEBA insurance website.

Please note the following highlights for 2023:

For more information about changes to monthly premiums in 2023, visit the PEBA monthly premiums webpage.

The 2022 open enrollment options for active employees include:

  • Health InsuranceYou may change from one health plan to another, enroll yourself or any eligible dependents and drop health coverage for yourself or any dependents.
  • Vision Insurance: You may enroll in or drop the State Vision Plan coverage for yourself and/or your eligible dependents.
  • Life Insurance: You may enroll in or drop Dependent Life–Child coverage and/or enroll in, increase, drop or decrease Optional Life coverage and/or Dependent Life–Spouse coverage.
  • Supplemental Long-Term Disability (SLTD): You may apply for or drop SLTD coverage and/or change your benefit waiting period for existing coverage.
  • MoneyPlus: You may enroll in or cancel the MoneyPlus Pretax Group Insurance Premium feature. You may also enroll in or re-enroll in the following flexible spending accounts: Medical Spending, Limited-use Medical Spending and Dependent Care Spending.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA): If you are enrolled in the Savings Plan, you may enroll in or drop an HSA. You may change your contribution amount for an existing HSA.

Please note that you cannot make changes to dental coverage, as open enrollment for dental is only available in the odd years. The next opportunity to make dental changes is October 2023.

If satisfied with your current coverage, no action is required. (Reminder: You must re-enroll in MoneyPlus flexible spending accounts each year.) Your coverage will continue in 2023. If you’re changing your coverage, complete PEBA’s open enrollment worksheet to help plan your 2023 insurance elections.

There are three ways to make changes during the open enrollment period:

  1. MyBenefits: Log onto MyBenefits and make changes online. You will need to register if you don’t already have a MyBenefits account. Learn how to register through this benefits flyer. After making your enrollment changes online, be sure to print the confirmation page for your records.
  2. Notice of Election (NOE) FormComplete the NOE form, marking only the changes you are going to make in the “Coverage” section of the form and listing all your covered dependents in the “Dependents” section. Send the completed form to the Office of Human Resources.
  3. Human Resources Benefits Counselor: Contact either Joe Nowjack or Sandy Butler: 843.953.5512.

Please note: If you add a dependent to your coverage, you must document his/her relationship to you and either upload the copied documents to MyBenefits or send them to the Office of Human Resources.

Eligible subscribers can make changes between Oct. 1 and Oct. 31, 2022. Once the deadline has passed, you must wait until either the next October or until you have a special eligibility situation. Special eligibility situations occur after life events such as getting married or having children. Insurance changes must be made within 31 days of a qualifying event. Non-permanent employees (temporary or adjuncts) will receive notification if they are eligible to make changes for 2023 in October.

Any changes you make during open enrollment will take effect Jan. 1, 2023.

If you need assistance, please contact a benefit counselor in the Office of Human Resources, Joe Nowjack or Sandy Butler, at 843.953.5512. You may also call PEBA’s customer service at 803.737.6800 or 888.260.9430.