The winter 2024 issue of College of Charleston Magazine is just arriving throughout campus and in mailboxes across the country and around the globe.

The diverse collection of stories includes one about a biology professor researching horseshoe crabs, the blood of which is critical to the medical industry; a student who helped plan an unmanned NASA mission to a dwarf planet; and an alumnus turned rock star turned bourbon-and-beer baron.

The magazine is filled with interesting stories about students, faculty and alumni worth knowing about. All of the current stories are available online (for past issues, click here). Here are the feature stories from the new issue:

For These Six Alumni, the Oyster Is Their World
Oysters are found throughout the world’s oceans, but nowhere is this keystone species more intrinsic to the community than in the Lowcountry, thanks in part to the dedication of these College alumni.

Professors Passion Is All Through Grace
Psychology professor Cindi May has a doctorate from Duke, but it wasn’t until her daughter Grace was born with Down syndrome that she understood what families with neuro-atypical children go through, which is just the beginning of this powerful – and empowering – story.

Graduate Student Discovers Historic Account
Thanks to funding by a native Charlestonian whose ancestors traded enslaved people, Lauren Davila ’21 (M.A. ’23) uncovered the largest known slave auction, which took place in Charleston, as a graduate student at the College.