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12 03, 2016

A Moving Tribute

By |2017-02-10T08:18:20-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on A Moving Tribute

Michael Bennett isn’t really one to sit idly by. He’s a man of movement, of enterprise. He doesn’t have the patience for hesitation. He can’t wait to take action. The way he sees it, you don’t get very far just sitting still. Which is precisely why Bennett dropped out of school during his junior year

12 03, 2016

Class Trending Now

By |2017-03-09T15:00:53-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on Class Trending Now

Between the economy, global conflicts, technological advances, scientific discovery, the creative arts, cultural shifts, new vocabularies, a developing sense of self and a sliding socioeconomic scale, it’s a wonder anyone can keep up. It’s an elusive thing, fashion. Heidi Klum’s been warning us about it for years: “One day you’re in, and the next, you’re

12 03, 2016

New on the Menu

By |2017-02-10T08:19:48-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on New on the Menu

Napoleon burgers, mac ’n cheese, beet and sweet potato chips, loaded baked potatoes: That’s just a taste of what’s on the menu at the College’s new kosher vegetarian/vegan dining facility, Dr. Martin Perlmutter Dining Hall, known on campus as Marty’s Place. Featuring curved ceiling details, cool pastel colors, an entry wall of Jerusalem stone and

12 03, 2016

Guest of Honor

By |2017-02-10T08:20:43-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on Guest of Honor

Back in his day, the T. rex could clear a scene just by eyeing it. He wasn’t the most well-received among his peers; get cornered by that monster, they knew, and you were plain out of luck. Chance encounters with the tyrant lizard king were to be avoided at all costs – nothing good could

12 03, 2016

Saving the World Drop by Drop

By |2018-05-11T11:27:55-04:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on Saving the World Drop by Drop

Eugene and Rose Gangarosa believe in getting a head start. They know how important it is to begin early. They’ve seen how much can be accomplished when you have a strong lead. It is, they say, amazing how far you can go when you start from the beginning. For the Gangarosas, it all started in

12 03, 2016


By |2017-02-10T08:21:31-05:00March 12, 2016|College of Charleston Magazine|Comments Off on Hamlette

Frailty, thy name is woman! The outburst isn’t fooling anyone. Everyone can see exactly what’s going on here: ’Tis unmanly grief: Hamlet is acting like a girl. When Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, he swathed his protagonist in so much internal and dramatic conflict, the irony of the attitudes toward gender roles is enough to get through

1 03, 2016

Long Live the Lodge

By |2016-07-05T10:06:37-04:00March 1, 2016|Campus Life|Comments Off on Long Live the Lodge

College Lodge is the unexpected darling of College of Charleston residence halls, winning over occupants and visitors alike ever since the College acquired the Charleston Downtowner Motor Inn in 1975. In this article, originally published in the summer 2009 issue of College of Charleston Magazine, we take a look at what makes us love The Lodge.